Online Dental Education Cases with questions and answers

Restorative & Implant Dentistry

Implants in the Aesthetic zone with limited interdental width

Date added: 19 Jul 2012

Dental Implants in the aesthetic zone are clinically demanding. This case illustrates implant tooth replacement 6 anterior maxillary teeth using a staged approach

Management of failing dentition

Date added: 7 Jun 2011

This case illustrates the use of traditional prosthodontics and dental implants to manage a failing dentition

Immediate placement & loading #11

Date added: 7 Jun 2011

Failed post-core-crown #11 is treated with immediate implant tooth replacement

Immediate Loading of full arch in case of terminal dentition

Date added: 7 Jun 2011

In this complex case the use of cone beam CT scans and digital treatment planning using NobelGuide protocol is illustrated. The patient has a few remaining lower anterior teeth that are failing and in need of extraction.

4 Maxillary incisors replaced with Dental Implants

Date added: 7 Jun 2011

This case illustrates the difficulties faced when trying to obtain a good aesthetic result with multiple dental implants in the anterior maxilla